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Take a journey around the world and explore the habitats and lifestyles of Earth's most incredible animals

This stunning new atlas is your first class pass on a world tour of the homes of Earth's most amazing animals.

The latest exciting title in DK's popular illustrated atlas series maps out the habitats of the world's most incredible mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Whether it's plotting the range of a lion, following the flight paths of birds, or tracking great white sharks in the oceans, you will see exactly where and how almost 100 extraordinary animal species live.

What makes Animal Atlas unique is the maps themselves. Each one is individually commissioned in 3D, with detail to show the habitat of each animal, as well as its geographic location. This reveals an astonishing amount of information about the behaviour of these animals, from how polar bears adapt to survive in freezing Arctic conditions to how African elephants survive in the heat of the Sahara desert.

There is also a focus on the conservation and protection of animals. Maps reveal the shrinking territories of some species, showing where they used to roam in the past compared to what's left of their range today.

Whether you are doing a homework project or simply want to know more about what animal lives where, Animal Atlas is the perfect reference for home or school.