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Have you ever wanted to learn to hand letter, but didn't know where to start? Hand Lettering for Beginners has everything you need to learn the art of hand lettering. Sarah Ensign uses simple techniques to teach you, step by step, how to start with the most basic style of hand lettering (faux calligraphy) and move on to brush lettering. You'll learn how to make basic letter connections, how to compose full words and phrases, and how to create six beautiful and unique fonts that you can use to letter endless projects. Also included are tips on supplies, how to hold and use brush pens, and how to move beyond to basic lettering to create your own unique fonts. Your creativity will soar as you learn this beautiful craft from one of the best teachers on YouTube!

- Beautiful hardcover spiral binding, with color throughout to make it simple for you to practice and learn hand lettering

- Fun, simple techniques for learning brush pen lettering, creating lettering connections, composing words, and creating your own unique fonts and projects

- Step-by-step guidance and tutorials that start with very basic techniques and eventually guide readers through more advanced techniques until they're creating six unique fonts

- Six simple, beautiful fonts with practice worksheets that readers can use to letter their own projects