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Spend a day in the life of 12 emergency service workers

Have you ever wondered what equipment a fire fighter takes into a blazing fire?

Or what tools a surgeon uses to perform a life-saving operation?

Or what gear a mountain rescuer needs on a 4,000-metre-high peak?

Meet 12 real-life emergency service workers from across the world as they share with you a day in their life. Based on the viral ‘Tetris Challenge', this book gives a bird's eye view of all the equipment needed to do their jobs, alongside comic strip panels to offer a fascinating insight of life on the front line. Taking you to the heart of the heroes who help us, from Cecilia the Nurse and Koen the Lifeguard to Tamika the Veterinarian and Nick the Police Officer, this uplifting non-fiction picture book showcases the amazing work they do, the incredible skills they have and the important equipment they need to save a life.