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Meet Dot Watson- 2021's unforgettable heroine of this poignant, funny and heart-warming debut novel

'An enthralling read, full of rich descriptions and characters you can't help but love.' Hazel Prior

'A lovely novel about loss and reconnection...both satisfying and joyful' Lissa Evans

Dot Watson has lost her way.

Twelve years ago her life veered off course, and the guilt over what happened still haunts her. Before then she was living in Paris, forging an exciting career; now her time is spent visiting her mother's care home, fielding interfering calls from her sister and working at the London Transport Lost Property office, diligently cataloguing items as misplaced as herself.

But when elderly Mr Appleby arrives in search of his late wife's purse, his grief stirs something in Dot. Determined to help, she sets off on a mission - one that could start to heal Dot's own loss and let her find where she belongs once more...