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Aussie mums' best advice, products and hacks for the cleanest house you've ever had

Most of us don’t love cleaning, but it’s something that has to be done. So why not share all our trusty tips and clever shortcuts with each other to get the job done quicker?

Rachael and Karlie are the creators of Mums Who Clean, the busy Facebook group where hundreds of thousands of Aussie mums swap their secrets for keeping their homes fresh and sparkling and dealing with domestic dilemmas. Whether it’s soap scum in the shower, stubborn oven mess or kids’ slime disasters, these women have the solutions – and often they’re things you’d never think of trying!

A complete handy guide full of tried-and-tested advice, Mums Who Clean covers:

– The community’s top cleaning products and tools, and how to use them for the best results

– Exactly how to clean your home, room by room

– Budget-friendly cleaning and odour-eliminating recipes

– Dealing with unexpected guests and an out-of-control house

– Real-estate cleaning

– Creating a cleaning schedule for your family

Make cleaning an easier part of your daily life with Mums Who Clean.