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The incredible, true story of a breathtaking rescue in the frenzied final hours of the US evacuation of Afghanistan - and how a brave Afghan mother and a compassionate American officer engineered a daring escape.

When the US began its withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the Afghan army instantly collapsed, Homeira Qaderi was marked for death at the hands of the Taliban. A celebrated author, academic, and champion for women's liberation, Homeira had achieved celebrity in her home country by winning custody of her son in a contentious divorce, a rarity in Afghanistan's patriarchal society.

Despite her fierce determination to stay in her homeland, it finally became clear to Homeira that escaping was the only way she and her family would survive. However, like so many, she was mired in the chaos that ensued at Kabul Airport, struggling to get on a plane with her eight-year-old son, Siawash, along with her parents and the rest of their family.

Meanwhile, a young US foreign service officer, Sam Aronson, who had volunteered to help rescue the more than 100,000 Americans and their Afghan helpers stranded in Kabul, learned that the CIA had established a secret entrance into Kabul Airport two miles away from the desperate crowds crushing toward the gates. He started bringing families directly through, and on the very last day of the evacuation, Sam was contacted by Homeira's literary agent, who persuaded him to help Homeira get out.

The story that follows is unbelievable but true. Zuckoff's firsthand accounts come exclusively and directly from Homeira, Aronson, and Homeira's literary agent. The Secret Gate is beyond riveting, and will keep readers on the edge of their seats.