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An Aussie scientist digs up some dirt about the history and science of soil

Life on land could not exist without soil. Almost everything we need can be traced to the soil- food, fibre, medicines - even oxygen produced by plants. What would we be without it? Certainly not a planet worthy of the name Earth.

There are already plenty of books about agriculture, ecology or how to grow tomatoes. This book is about the other stuff. Like...

* how soil evidence can nail a murderer
* the ingredients that make a Test cricket pitch
* how the soil affects the taste of your favourite wine
* the soil microbes that could be the next wonder drug
* tips for digging a POW camp escape tunnel (disclaimer- don't try it at home) or mounting an invasion of Normandy (ditto)
* how to be ecofriendly when you're dead

In the unputdownable Grounded, soil scientist Alisa Bryce gives you the dirt on all this-and much, much more.