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Wooden Jointed Worm in Pink or Blue

Once one person in your of mums and babies has one, every mum has to have a wooden jointed worm for their baby. It is such as seemingly simple toy but it is a toy with which the little ones will be engrossed.

This wooden toy is perfect for little hands. It twists and turns and then can be turned and twisted. I love posing the wooden jointed worm into different positions. The child will be able to twist the whole of the jointed worm . Alternatively they can turn the individual segments. This popular wooden toy is a perfect fidget toy.

It will help to develop fingers, especially the fine motor control.

The wooden jointed worm has an elasticated cord that joins all the segments together.

This toy has been tested as being safe for children over 10 months.

When ordered online you will receive one worm of a randomly picked colour.

Recommended Age: 10 months plus