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'But then we all love this place, don't we, in our different ways?'

It's the summer of 1976, and the winds of change are blowing through the small town of Repentance on the edge of the Great Dividing Range. The old families farmed cattle and cut timber, but the new settlers, the hippies, have a different perspective on the natural order and humankind's place in the scheme of things. Soon everything will be disturbed. Either the old growth is coming down or the loggers have to be stopped. And although not everyone agrees on tactics, noone will escape being drawn into the coming confrontation.

A tale of a country town and its rhythms, Repentance is also the story of modern Australia at one of its flashpoints, told tenderly and beautifully through the eyes of characters you won't forget.

'A fierce, fair, and moving novel, so true you can smell the rainforest.'
-Robert Drewe

'Repentance vividly captures the past but speaks urgently to readers right now.'
-Debra Adelaide

'Irresistible, compassionate, and timely.'
-Mark Tredinnick

'Moves like a meditation, reflecting the rhythms of the natural landscape that Gibbs writes about so beautifully.'
-Deborah Crabtree, Books+Publishing